Jan Ruppert had tried numerous diet programs with the same results: lose twenty pounds, learn how to work the system, maintain the weight short-term, and then regain.

At OMWL she discovered a personalized approach for long-term weight-loss and health. A series of blood tests showed how her body was processing food and after that it was a matter of learning to work with her body. She attended classes on what kind of foods to buy, when to eat, and how to take control of her everyday diet. By day seven she started seeing results and has steadily lost 55 lbs. since beginning the program a year ago.

“I tell my friends, it’s not a diet, it’s a wellness clinic,” says Jan, “You have doctors working with you. You learn to shop correctly, how to cook – it’s so good. You are also followed with doctor check-ins all the way through the journey.”

The program inspired transformation in Jan’s life. Instead of reaching for cake and packaged snacks to satisfy hunger, her body began to crave meals like chicken strips made with eggs, almond flour, and coconut oil or low-carb pumpkin cheesecake.

Before taking control of her weight, Jan suffered from weight-related knee and hip problems. She was on three prescriptions medications to keep the pain and other issues at bay. Thanks to her diet and weight loss she was able to drop two of the treatments and cut the other in half. Her cholesterol and hemoglobin returned to the normal range and her BMI dropped from 39.9 to 30.2.

“When I start walking a lot, I had pain. Now I don’t have that anymore due to the weight loss. I can walk so much better. There’s none of my body guarding anymore. My clothes fit better, I can look in the mirror,” Jan reports of the personal changes in her life, “I’m past the twenty pound thing; I’m not playing games. I’m serious, this has been exciting.”

Jan was pleased that the program was preventative for diabetes rather than being a treatment for an existing condition, while still being covered by medical insurance.

“Normal doctors won’t treat you till you’re a diabetic,” says Jan, “Our other doctor is watching us transform.  Alyse [from OMWL] has shown a lot of care, concern, excitement, you couldn’t ask for a better healthcare provider.”

The most rewarding part of the journey Jan shares: “My husband is noticing me more. Before I just existed, I would ask if I looked okay. You feel unattractive.” Now, she reports, “I don’t feel bloated, I don’t feel tired. We have more connection in our hugs. There’s less fat, between the two of us there’s like 75 pounds missing. We talk more, about our dinner plans, our grocery list.”

Her advice? “Just go in – take your health insurance card, your list of problems, just go in. You have nothing to lose but your bad health.”