Our Patient Spotlight this month features Kennette Canary, who started our program in March 2016. Her doctor recommended weight loss to improve her chronic joint pain, and she was interested in understanding her 16 pound weight gain over the prior 10 months. She had tried other programs in the past and had some success with temporary food restrictions and pre-programmed meals, but always found the re-entry into the “real” world of unlimited food choice to be a sure fire return to her prior weight.

What she discovered at OMWL about some underlying health conditions changed her focus forever. By shifting her consumption of sweets and bread (“it was killing me”) to healthy proteins, fats and low-carb vegetables, she addressed years of acid reflux, high blood pressure, aching joints and unmanageable cravings. She has lost 36 pounds and feels that she has ease and knowledge to support her new way of living and eating in the world. She was also able to get off three medications by addressing her underlying conditions with the lifestyle changes OMWL helped her to establish.

An additional benefit that we often see among our patients is the ripple effect of health and wellness for her family. Kennette’s husband went from a dislike of vegetables to becoming an avid convert to low-carb eating in response to his doctor wanting to prescribe medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol. By adopting Kennette’s lifestyle, they are both healthy and actively converting their colleagues and friends who have noticed the new, healthier, states of being. His doctor told him he wanted to make a video of his story to show his other patients what works when he advises, “Eat better and get some exercise”.

Kennette stated, “You can live well, with no deprivation. You get full and stay full. It’s mindfulness and awareness of what your body needs.” She also shares that the education and support at OMWL makes our program the most effective weight loss program she has ever done.