Alyse is a one of our main healthcare providers. She specializes in Family Care and divides her time between Family Practice, Oregon Medical Weight Loss, and OB/GYN services. What she enjoys most about working with OMWL patients is that they are truly motivated to improve their wellbeing.

“They don’t want to just take medication; they value their health,” she says. She believes in the OMWL method because  it addresses the needs of each person rather than just treating symptoms, which is more effective long-term. She says, “We look at the whole person and offer solutions based on that.”

She chose to work at SW Family Physicians because she likes the multi-disciplinary approach to healthcare while maintaining a small-community feel.

“I love that I work somewhere where I can refer patients to a physical therapist or an acupuncturist. It’s a small, family-clinic environment but in an urban setting.”