Dr. Cynthia Gulick

Dr. Cynthia Gulick, DO, has been a Board Certified Family Practice Physician since 1990, which is the year she first started the practice at Southwest Family Physicians. Focusing now on medical bariatrics as her specialty, Dr. Gulick is passionate about guiding patients along their difficult but rewarding weight loss journey – informing and thus empowering patients to optimize their primary, preventive health and well-being. With respect, kindness and dedication, Dr. Gulick will help you beat your weight loss challenges and revitalize your life. She is an active member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

Alyse Nikolao

Alyse Nikolao, CNM, FNP, grew up in Washington state, went to school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and was thrilled to move back home to the Pacific Northwest and join the OMWL team. Her background as a dual Family Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nurse-midwife aligns well with the OMWL approach to holistic, comprehensive, preventative care. Alyse values partnering with patients and working toward common goals of health and wellness. She is inspired by the way that empowering individual patients has a ripple effect to positively benefit families, friends, and communities.

Heather Jorgensen

Heather Jorgensen, CNM, joins the Oregon Medical Weight Loss team with a focus on women’s health and well-being. She has a Master’s of Nursing degree from OHSU as a Nurse Midwife Nurse Practitioner. Before clinical practice, Heather worked as a researcher focusing on the inheritance of disease.  Heather brings a focus on current, evidence-based care using her background in the sciences. In addition, her training as a nurse practitioner helps to ground her clinical practice in compassion and caring. She believes the health of future generations relies on how we care for ourselves and each other today.

Jayme Armstrong, Wellness Coach

Jayme Armstrong, Wellness Coach, joined OMWL in 2014 as a former cooking teacher with training in personal development and passionate interest in holistic wellness. Her personal experience on the weight loss merry-go-round over many years and ultimate success in cultivating a more nourishing and relaxed relationship with food was life-changing and affirming. She is passionate about working with patients to help them create the behavioral changes essential to becoming and feeling their very best selves.

Colly Perkins
Patient Coordinator

Colly discusses our program with all new patients to determine if it’s a good fit. She started Oregon Medical Weight Loss with Dr. Gulick in 2009, and has seen it grow and transform since its inception. Colly brings her dance teacher enthusiasm and pizzazz to her work every day.

Alana Carter
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Alana recently moved here from Denver, CO to follow her path to become a physicians assistant. She graduated in 2016 from Colorado State University with a BS in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine. Previously she worked as a Nursing Assistant on a Cardiac unit at Rose Hospital in Denver. Her positive attitude will surely brighten anyone’s day that comes in our doors. When Alana is not working, she can be found doing all sorts of outdoor activities and is looking forward to seeing all that Oregon has to offer.

Alex Edgell
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Alex was born and raised in the Sherwood, Oregon. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a BS in biochemistry. He previously worked as a research assistant in an organic chemistry laboratory. He is excited to start working in the medical profession and find his niche within it. Alex is confident, competitive and will face any challenge head on and with a smile on his face. Alex enjoys reading, all variety of games, and spending time with his friends.

Claire Alvarenga
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Claire recently joined our team as Dr. Gulick’s medical scribe. She was a medical scribe at UCLA Head & Neck Surgery as well as clinical assistant at Venice Family Clinic before she relocated to Oregon. Claire plans to return to school to become a physician assistant in preventative medicine with a focus on low-income populations. Claire is an avid foodie and traveler, and ranks the countries she visits by the food experience.  She is also a runner and enjoys listening to podcasts while doing so.

Julie Stark
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Julie recently joined our team as a medical assistant/scribe. She was previously a medical scribe trainer in a variety of specialties and clinics around the Portland area before joining Southwest Family Physicians. Julie plans to return to school to become a Physician Assistant and hopes to one day work overseas helping underserved populations. When she’s not working, Julie enjoys hiking, camping, and attending musical events around Portland.

Mack Raschko
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Mack Raschko is a medical assistant at Southwest Family Physicians. He graduated from Oregon State University with a major in kinesiology and a minor in chemistry. After gaining more experience, he plans on applying to medical school and one day, become a pediatric cardiologist. In his free time, Mack enjoys snowboarding and playing golf.

Syndey Parchman
Medical Assistant & Scribe

Sydney Parchman, Medical Assistant/Scribe, graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in human physiology and minor in biology. She was formerly working as a medical scribe for Bend Memorial Clinic’s cardiology department before moving to Portland, Oregon in June 2018 from Bend where she grew up. Sydney plans to return to school to become a nurse specializing in emergency medicine or cardiology. In her free time, Sydney enjoys running and being outdoors.

Katie Salazar

Katie is the first friendly face you see when you walk in our door. Her positive attitude and encouragement is essential to patient success. If you have questions about our program, need scheduling done, or want to talk Zumba, stop by Katie’s desk.

Kirra Tomori

Kirra Tomori is a receptionist for Oregon Medical Weight Loss at Southwest Family Physicians. She is originally from the Big Island of Hawaii but we are fortunate that she landed here in Tigard, Oregon. Her positive attitude and encouragement is essential to patient success. You can come to her for scheduling weight loss and wellness, and family practice appointments. She is also great with answering questions that you may have about the program or any other wellness needs, she is always here to help.  Kirra plans on returning to school to become an OB nurse. Kirra also has a twin sister who still lives on the Big Island, and believe it or not (as soft spoken as she is) she was a cheerleader in High School!

LeeAnn Johnston
Store Manager

LeeAnn has been with Oregon Medical Weight Loss since its founding. She was Dr. Gulick’s first medical assistant and now manages our store. LeeAnn is a familiar face to our patients and is extremely knowledgeable on food products available that contain adequate protein and low carbohydrates. Outside of work, she’s an Indian rock art enthusiast – ask her about it when you come weight in for each appointment.