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How Diet Beat Dialysis

Phyllis Tells her Story My doctor has suggested that I write my story. Heavens to Betsy. So here it is: Once upon a time back in 2005, there was this fat chick. She was being held captive in a rehab/care facility. “Care” was a stretch. She was there with a broken ankle and two cracked [...]

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Four Reasons to go Paleo

Is a Paleo-Style Diet Right for You? Kristin Davis RD, LD If you’ve been toying with the idea of eating a more ancestral diet, here are four reasons that might just get you off the fence, from the book, It Starts with Food, by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. According the Hartwigs, the food you eat [...]

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Get Out There!

View of Mt. Hood from Wildcat Mtn. Enjoy the Great Outdoors any Time of Year Kristin Davis RD It's easy to get healthy doing something you love. I love hiking and for me it's a great way to refresh, renew, and get exercise without it feeling like work. It's actually fun! I hike [...]

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Mid-Holiday Check-in

Kristin Davis RD Breathing a sigh of relief now that you’ve made it through a major eating holiday? Congratulations are in order! It’s okay if things didn’t go perfectly, as they rarely do. Did you enjoy yourself? Did you learn something in the process of navigating food “bombs?”  The take-away here is turning any situation [...]

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How Much Sugar are You Eating?

There's Sugar in my What? If you remember my class about Carbohydrates, you'll recall the stacks of sugar cubes that show the amounts of sugar in a variety of foods. Sugarstacks.com is a great visual resource to see how sugar stacks up in drinks, snacks, and even meals. Every time I talk about that site [...]

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Using Substitutions to Increase your Dieting Success Kristin Davis RD One of the best ways to fall off a diet is to reach for the things we used to reach for. Old habits die hard and it's important to have foods in place that will keep you on track. If you are used to ice [...]

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Goal Setting for Weight Loss

Goal Setting for Weight Loss by Kristin Davis RD If you’ve ever accomplished something big, like finishing your college education, starting a business, or traveling abroad, you’ve probably worked with setting goals. Goals are the finish line that you cross when you have worked hard and accomplished what you set out to do. They are [...]

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