Stress and Your Brain

Could Stress be Slowing Down your Weight Loss? Kristin Davis RD Stress is one of the many excuses people have for gaining weight. They aren’t sleeping, they’re worried and they eat. But what if you could break the power that stress has over you? In the book Hijacked by your Brain, Dr Julian Ford and [...]

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Eccentric Exercise

How Doing Less Gets you More Are you trying to get away with doing less exercise? Maybe the gym isn’t your scene. Or maybe your schedule has too many time conflicts to allow exercise. If you're looking for a way to do more with less time and become more efficient, eccentric exercise might just be [...]

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Mid-Holiday Check-in

Kristin Davis RD Breathing a sigh of relief now that you’ve made it through a major eating holiday? Congratulations are in order! It’s okay if things didn’t go perfectly, as they rarely do. Did you enjoy yourself? Did you learn something in the process of navigating food “bombs?”  The take-away here is turning any situation [...]

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Why Can’t I Eat That?

The Truth About Metabolism and Fat-Storage Kristin Davis RD “Why can’t I eat that?” “I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight.” “I never used to worry about carbs.” “I used to exercise to lose weight but it no longer seems to work.” “My kids still eat cereal, bread, [...]

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