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Thanksgiving Recipes

Low-Carb Recipes for a Successful Thanksgiving Dottie's Chunky Cheesy Green Bean Casserole  Scroll down to see the actual recipe.  Jellied Cranberry Sauce Cranberry Relish  Mashed Cauliflower  Cranberry Muffins  Pumpkin Pie  Egg Nog  

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Why Can’t I Eat That?

The Truth About Metabolism and Fat-Storage Kristin Davis RD “Why can’t I eat that?” “I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight.” “I never used to worry about carbs.” “I used to exercise to lose weight but it no longer seems to work.” “My kids still eat cereal, bread, [...]

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How Much Sugar are You Eating?

There's Sugar in my What? If you remember my class about Carbohydrates, you'll recall the stacks of sugar cubes that show the amounts of sugar in a variety of foods. is a great visual resource to see how sugar stacks up in drinks, snacks, and even meals. Every time I talk about that site [...]

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Missing Noodles?

Try Zoodles Instead! Kristin Davis RD, LD I love spaghetti and when I committed to eating less carbs I thought I had given up a favorite for good. Luckily, I found out about Zoodles, noodles made from the flavor-friendly zucchini. Here's how I do it. The first thing you need is a way to make [...]

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Using Substitutions to Increase your Dieting Success Kristin Davis RD One of the best ways to fall off a diet is to reach for the things we used to reach for. Old habits die hard and it's important to have foods in place that will keep you on track. If you are used to ice [...]

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Book Review: Fat Chance by Robert Lustig MD

Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Foods, Obesity, and Disease Kristin Davis RD A few months back I watched Robert Lustig’s video on You-Tube called Sugar: The Bitter Truth. It was very informative and interesting. Take home message? Sugar is bad! So when I saw his book "Fat Chance" I decided to check it out [...]

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