Kristin Davis RD

Breathing a sigh of relief now that you’ve made it through a major eating holiday? Congratulations are in order! It’s okay if things didn’t go perfectly, as they rarely do. Did you enjoy yourself? Did you learn something in the process of navigating food “bombs?”  The take-away here is turning any situation into a learning experience.

React – How did you react to the holiday? Did it bully you into doing things you didn’t want to do or were you able to stay on track? If things didn’t go as planned what are you going to do now? Don’t put off getting back on the program. The very next food decision is up to you!

Assess – Time to assess how things stand before the holiday season is over. Re-commit to having great interactions with others, despite the stress of it all and better still, don’t get stressed in the first place!

Plan – Putting a plan into action will actually save time day-to-day and keep you from having to make in-the-moment food decisions!

Reward – Do something just for you! A gift of time, activity, new clothing, anything that speaks to you. Being gentle and kind to self generates positive energy that you can then share with others!

We’re not through this holiday food season yet, but then again, when do food occasions completely disappear? Commit to putting your health first and the rest will just fall into place.