View of Mt. Hood from Wildcat Mtn.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
any Time of Year

Kristin Davis RD

It’s easy to get healthy doing something you love. I love hiking and for me it’s a great way to refresh, renew, and get exercise without it feeling like work. It’s actually fun! I hike 2-3 times per week, sometimes in town and other times I hit the road. Hiking books can help you find your way and they rate hikes for difficulty as well as time to hike and distance of the hike itself.

Here are some great places in the metro area for 30-60 minute hikes or longer:

This site has hiking information based on other hikers’ experiences, as well as maps, photos, ratings, etc.

My go-to hiking book:

Oh, be sure to dress for the weather. I invested in a rain coat and pants from REI and have never looked back. My boots are waterproof and I always change out shoes in the car. Happy trails!