We Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy.


What Our Patients Say

It’s a holistic approach, starting with drawing labs, learning what is happening chemically and finding a balance in my body – being healthy and well from the inside.”

- Todd I.

Dr. Gulick’s engaging style and genuineness are infectious. Who knew you could have a doctor that inspires you?”

- Jon S.

Everyone at Oregon Medical Weight Loss is so supportive; they won’t quit if you don’t.”

- Victor S.

It is a lifestyle change, not a diet. It’s about eating not just to lose weight but to gain health.”

- Rebecca G.

It is different from other weight loss programs that I’ve tried because it actually gives you tools that help you deal with your life on a day to day basis, to make good choices, and to deal with food because everyone has to eat.”

- Ruthie S.

The program gives you the confidence to feel like you have control over your health and that you can do it.”

- Melissa C.

How It Works

  • A medical model that discovers underlying medical causes of your weight gain and weight retention

  • Lifestyle change that focuses on long-term sustainability

  • An individualized treatment plan combined with support and accountability from our multifaceted team

Introduction Video